Daudt to lead House Republicans

Republicans in the Minnesota House have selected Rep. Kurt Daudt of Crown to lead their caucus. Daudt will serve as the House Minority Leader and will help shape the policy positions of the House GOP caucus and will help recruit candidates.

“I am honored to be elected by my colleagues to lead the House Republican Caucus,” Daudt said in a statement. “We have an optimistic group of members who are united in our efforts to rebuild the economy, create jobs and balance the budget. We are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work.”

The group elected Daudt today during a Saturday afternoon caucus meeting. It’s the first time the caucus has met since they lost the majority on Election Day. GOP House Speaker Kurt Zellers and GOP House Majority Leader Matt Dean both opted not to seek the Minority Leader position.

Daudt is serving his second term in the Minnesota House. Daudt also served as the camaign manager for Republican Marty Seifert’s campaign for governor in 2010. Seifert lost the party endorsement to Tom Emmer.

Daudt has also served on the Isanti Board of Commissioners for six years.

  • What exactly does Daudt do for a living? Who signs his paychecks? Self-employed consultant, Elk River Star reported. What’s that mean?

    David Hann’s employment in the health insurance field has been noted as a possible bias and conflicting interest, as he touts himself as fit and experienced in setting healthcare policy.

    Has Daudt any parallel situation where his committee focus is overlapping his source of livelihood?