The Daily Digest (Romney to visit MN?, 2nd District debate today, Klobuchar campaigns)

The campaign season is in full swing so the Digest will only be hitting the high points for the next week.

We lead with the race for the White House

The presidential race in Minnesota got a little more interesting. A senior GOP official in Minnesota says Mitt Romney’s campaign is seriously discussing whether Romney, Ryan or both candidates will make a campaign stop in Minnesota before Election Day.

The news came after a Star Tribune poll shows President Obama leading Romney by just three percentage points.

The St. Cloud State Survey has Obama up eight points among likely voters.

Obama and Romney have both bought TV ads in Minnesota.

The polling says it is close in several swing states and it may come down to which candidate has the better turnout machine.

It all comes down to Ohio.

The campaigns are reworking their campaign travel as a result of Hurricane Sandy. President Obama canceled his Orlando event because of the storm.

The Huffington Post reminds readers that Romney supported shutting down FEMA and sending the responsibility to the states. Romney’s campaign is standing by the statement.

Romney released an ad on Chrysler that has the Obama campaign crying foul.

GOP Sen. John McCain is accusing the White House of the worst cover-up he’s ever seen regarding Libya.

Amendment to Ban Same-Sex Marriage

Opponents of the amendment are holding a rally today at the University of Minnesota.

The Star Tribune poll says the public is deadlocked on the amendment.

Voter ID

The Star Tribune poll says 53 percent of those polled support the amendment.

There are new TV ads running for and against the amendment.

MPR has a look at a group that is pushing “Vote No Twice.”

Race for Congress

GOP Rep. John Kline and Democrat Mike Obermueller will square off in a debate today. The debate will air on MPR’s The Daily Circuit at 11am.

Public Policy Polling, a firm linked to Democrats, has a poll showing Democrat Rick Nolan leading GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack.

The PoliGraph says Kline’s ad on the debt is accurate.

Race for Senate

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar is campaigning hard to win her Senate race and Democrats down the ballot are hoping she has coattails.

Republican Kurt Bills was on TPT’s Almanac on Friday and he isn’t backing off of his ad that accuses Klobuchar of declining to prosecute Tom Petters.

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