The Daily Digest (Wellstone remembered, Rape an issue in POTUS race, Ads & Votes an issue in 8th)

It’s the 10th anniversary of a plane crash that killed Sen. Paul Wellstone, his wife Sheila, their daughter and several campaign staffers. A memorial service will be held in Eveleth today.

8th District

Republican Chip Cravaack and DFLer Rep. Rick Nolan are sparring over ads and voting records.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

The St. Cloud State Survey says voters are poised to defeat the attempt to ban same-sex marriage but pass the Voter ID amendment.

Voter ID

Charges fly over military voting in the proposed Voter ID amendment.

Amendment to Ban Same-Sex Marriage

A Hastings minister’s Hitler reference draws an outcry.

The Star Tribune has stories on the internal debate that families are having over the amendment. In one instance will the family follow their church or the Bible’s teaching. In another story, the focus is on a family’s shift away from the Catholic Church for its stance on the amendment.


New home sales jumped 5.7% in September.

The U.S. is suing Bank of America over mortgages.

Best Buy shakes up its leadership lineup.

Imation plans to cut hundreds of jobs.

Under the Dome

Finance and Commerce says a change to property tax law meant to garner job creation but evidence of the new jobs is spotty at best.

Ranchers back the wolf hunt but say it won’t save livestock.


U.S. e-mails offer a glimpse of what the U.S. knew in the hours after the embassy attack in Libya.

Race for Legislature

Gov. Dayton says he’ll reimburse the state for half of the cost of the state plane to Bemidji. The announcement came as Dayton ramps up his campaign efforts for candidates. He was in Bemidji to rally students and campaign on behalf of DFL legislative candidates.

Voters are being led astray in an open state house race that features Republican Stacey Stout and Democrat Peter Fischer.

Race for Congress

MPR has a profile of Democrat Jim Graves, who is challenging GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann.

The Star Tribune profiles the race between GOP Rep. John Kline and Democrat Mike Obermueller.

The PoliGraph says Obermueller’s ad claims hold up.

The son of a Democratic Congressman resigned after video revealed that he was discussing how to cast fake ballots.

Race for Senate

Republican Kurt Bills is readying his first ads of the campaign.

Race for President

President Obama will again push for a “grand bargain” with Republicans to fix the national debt. The news comes as he lays out his second term agenda (if elected).

Republican Richard Mourdock’s comments on rape have increased the furor over social issues in this country. Mourdock is in a tight Senate race in Indiana.

Mitt Romney’s campaign said he disagrees with Mourdock’s assertion but will continue to back him.

President Obama said on NBC’s Tonight Show that “rape is rape.”

Mitt Romney says he’s upbeat about his chances but the electoral college math is still the same.

Polling shows the national race tied but swing state polls continue to favor Obama.

Romney will deliver an economic speech on Friday.

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