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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where political groups are influencing state races, but don’t have to say where their money is coming from, Cravaack and Nolan spar over debate timing, and the presidential candidates debated foreign policy.

Around Minnesota

Special interest groups are influencing races, but don’t always have to disclose their donors.

If you’ve missed our On Message gallery, here’s a link. We’re collecting and writing about the most interesting campaign literature and ads that land in your mailboxes and inboxres, so send us what you’ve got!

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie wants the state’s news papers to help inform voters about the voter ID amendment.

The Race for Congress

The 8th Congressional District candidates are battling over how long their last debate should be.

Here’s a first look at the latest American Action Network ad running in the 8th Congressional District, where it’s helping boost Rep. Chip Cravaack’s campaign.

Last week, the group pledged to spend even more on the race bringing its total to $1.7 million through Election Day.

Cravaack’s opponent, Rick Nolan, is getting a boost from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee in the form of phonebanking. The group has placed 11,108 phone calls to voters on behalf of Nolan, according to a press release.

Rep. Kurt Bills raising questions about an old case that Sen. Amy Klobuchar worked on while Hennepin County prosecutor.

Klobuchar says the story Bills is referring to is inaccurate.

The Presidential Race

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney debated foreign policy issues last night.

The AP says that the two flunked geography and history during the debate. Read the fact-check here.

Obama was combative, Romney was subdued.

The two aren’t all that far apart on foreign policy issues, the Washington Post writes.

The Washington Post also does their post-debate Winners and Losers list.

Obama said that cuts to military funding would not happen, which came as a surprise to Washington.

Obama also mentioned a Minnesota veteran at one point during the debate. He was talking about this visit to Minnesota in 2011.

FiveThirtyEight blog writes that the latest round of polling shows President Barack Obama with an edge in the Electoral College.

Romney and Obama are not so far apart on China, the Washington Post reports.

Politico looks at six things that will decided the election. One is whether Romney can pick up a historically Democratic state, and lists Minnesota as one of the few on the GOP’s wish list.

Of course, Romney doesn’t have a ground game here.

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