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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where the marriage amendment divides Grand Rapids, Ellison and Fields get heated in debate, and Obama’s latest campaign message is simple: vote.

Around Minnesota

As part of its series on the marriage amendment with KARE11, MPR looked at how Catholic roots are influencing the debate in St. Cloud.

The marriage amendment is dividing residents of Grand Rapids.

A new report shows that the Catholic Church has contributed more than half of the money to pass the marriage amendment, the Star Tribune reports.

The Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board will investigate claims against MN DFL brought by the Republican Party of Minnesota.

A Minneapolis jury found Mahamud Said Omar guilty of helping the extremist group al-Shabab with logistical and financial assistance.

Gov. Mark Dayton appointed Katie Clark to serve as commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED). She replaces Mark Phillips, who is resigning Friday to “pursue opportunities in the private sector.”

In Washington

President Obama will veto legislation to block year-end tax hikes and spending cuts, collectively known as the “fiscal cliff,” unless Republicans agree to raise tax rates for the wealthy, the Washington Post reports.

National News

A second appeals court has said the Defense of Marriage Act is unfair to gays.

The Boy Scouts released 20 years of ‘perversion’ files, in including some related to cases in Minnesota.

Corporate donors are fueling the Chamber of Commerce’s political power.

The Race for Congress

A KFAI radio debate between DFL Rep. Keith Ellison and his GOP opponent Chris Fields came to heated verbal blows Thursday.

Rep. Erik Paulsen debated his DFL challenger Brian Barnes.

The Kurt Bills campaign has $68,000 on hand at the close of his Senate campaign. His opponent Sen. Amy Klobuchar has $4.8 million on hand.

The Star Tribune profiles the Klobuchar campaign writing that the “Democrat emphasizes practical results. Critics say she is protecting her popularity.”

Al Franken is stumping for Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren. Franken has a become a go-to campaigner for his fellow Democrats.

Democrats are using an obscure provision in the health care law written by a Republican that requires members of Congress through the new health care exchanges against the GOP in campaign ads.

Politico reports that Republicans are “in danger of blowing its shot at a majority [in the Senate] for the second cycle in a row.”

The Presidential Campaign

The New York Times writes that President Barack Obama’s stump speech comes down to one thing: vote.

A caravan of Minnesota Democrats will be traveling the state on behalf of Obama spreading the same message. The “Gotta Vote” Minnesota tour will “make 42 stops around the state to discuss what’s at stake for families, businesses and students,” according to a press release.

Obama has struggled to create jobs during his time in office, the Washington Post writes as part of a series on Obama’s record.

Both campaigns see Latino voters in Colorado, Florida and Nevada as crucial to their campaigns.

Here’s the story behind Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” comment.

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