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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where MPR hits the road on the marriage amendment, Minnesotans are split on the amendment, and women are at the center of the race for president.

The Marriage Amendment

MPR and KARE11 teamed up to cover the marriage amendment.

The first installment of our work was broadcast last night. Here’s a look at how the amendment is playing in Red Wing.

Rep. Tim Kelly, who represents Red Wing, broke from his party to oppose the amendment.

Sasha Aslanian went to Granite Falls to find out how voters there feel about the amendment, too. There, former state Rep. Lyle Koenen broke with fellow Democratics to put the amendment on the ballot.

And MPR talked to students at Concordia College about how the marriage amendment is dividing the campus.

Watch and listen for more stories on KARE11 and on MPR the rest of this week.

A new KSTP/Survey USA poll shows the marriage amendment in a dead heat. Forty-seven percent support it and 46 percent oppose it. With a margin of error of 4.3 percentage points, that’s a statistical dead heat.

Seven percent are undecided.

Last month, KSTP found 50 percent of Minnesotans supported the amendment and 43 percent did not.

Marriage amendment supporters release new ads.

Around Minnesota

PoliGraph says a DFL flier falsely links state lawmakers and candidates to Medicare.

After a meeting with Gov. Mark Dayton, St. Paul has decided to put a big chunk of the $54 million Lowertown ballpark project out for bid

Minnesota remembers Paul Wellstone.

The Race for Congress

Rep. Chip Cravaack has a new ad accusing his DFL opponent Rick Nolan of supporting “job killing” regulations.

The Presidential Campaign

Tuesday night’s debate puts woman at the fore of the presidential race, the New York Times reports.

After the debate, President Barack Obama has an edge.

But the latest Gallup poll shows Mitt Romney has a 6 point lead over Obama, nationally.

A look at five nightmare scenarios on Election Day.

Rising college costs pose problems for Obama on education policy.

During her visit to Minnesota, Jill Biden will deliver remarks at a canvass kick-off event in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a canvass thank-you event in Duluth, Minnesota on Saturday, October 20.

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