The Daily Digest (America’s longest war, Bills goes on the offensive, Voter ID debate focuses on Military)

The war in Afghanistan marked 12 years on Sunday.

A mother commemorates America’s longest war.


The unemployment rate dropped to 7.8 percent – the lowest level since President Obama took office.

Under the Dome

Politics in Minnesota says there are more than fifty people in the Minnesota Sex Offender Program who have committed their actions as a juvenile. All of them could be confined for life.

Human Services Commissioner Lucinda Jesson named the members of a task force to examine the Minnesota Sex Offender Program.


The Washington Post says the wealthiest members of Congress did not feel the effects of the recession and that some are writing legislation that benefit themselves and their relatives.

Amendment to ban same-sex marriage

The Star Tribune profiles Archbishop John Nienstedt.

Voter ID Amendment

MPR takes a look at the dispute as to whether overseas military members will need a photo ID to vote.

Race for Legislature

MPR says a race in the Edina area could determine which party controls the Minnesota Senate.

MinnPost says pocketbook issues are becoming key disputes in legislative races.

The Mankato Free Press takes a look at the race to replace GOP Sen. Mike Parry.

The PoliGraph says literature sent out by groups backing GOP candidates mischaracterizes past votes on funding for bird sanctuaries.

Race for Congress

The Cook Political Report has shifted Minnesota’s 6th District from Likely Republican to Leans Republican. A signal that GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s support may be slipping.

Meanwhile, Republicans released an oppo dump on Democrat Jim Graves on late Friday afternoon.

The Star Tribune says Republican Chris Fields is making race an issue in his race against DFL Rep. Keith Ellison.

Republican Allen Quiest released a new ad.

AP takes a look at the race in Minnesota’s 1st District.

WCCO reality checks the ads running tin the 8th District.

The Star Tribune takes a look at the business contributions to Congressional candidates.

Race for Senate

MPR takes a look at how Republican Kurt Bills has stepped up his criticism of DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar but still appears to be lagging in the polls.

The Pi Press profiles Klobuchar.

Race for President

Mitt Romney will discuss foreign policy today. He’ll call for a change of course in the Middle East.

President Obama touted the recent job numbers in Virginia and Ohio.

Obama’s poll numbers have dipped after the debate.

The polls, however, show signs of settling.

The New York Times says Obama’s aides are plotting a comeback.

Politico looks at “Romney’s revival.”

Rural issues are rarely discussed at the race for president.


GOP state Rep. Keith Downey is not ruling out a run for governor in 2014.