The Daily Digest

Welcome to the Daily Digest, where Medicare is front and center in the 8th CD, Ryan will fundraise in Minnesota, and the presidential candidates debated.

Around Minnesota

PoliGraph says a claim about the number of people who could have trouble voting if the voter ID amendment is passed is fraught with uncertainty.

Opponents and proponents of the voter ID amendment debate today.

The St. Louis County Board opposes the marriage amendment.

The state has asked a court not to block Minnesota’s wolf hunt.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Rep. Collin Peterson talked locally made products in Crookston.

Gov. Mark Dayton took his jobs tour to the Iron Range.

National News

The Pennsylvania voter ID case is far from over, the Associated Press reports.

The Race for Congress

The 8th Congressional District ad war over Medicare heats up.

The Minnesota Daily profiled Kurt Bills.

The Pioneer Press sat down with Rep. Michele Bachmann.

The Presidential Race

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney debated in Denver last night. The economy was the top topic.

The New York Times dissects some of the claims made during the debate, including how Romney would pay for his $5 trillion tax cut.

Romney has suggested capping deductions at $17,000 to broaden the tax base.

The debate highlighted the two candidate’s fundamentally different world views.

By many accounts, including those of liberal commentators, Romney did better than Obama in the first debate.

Also among the debate losers? Big Bird.

VP candidate Paul Ryan will headline a fundraiser in Minnesota next weekend.

At a rally today in Wisconsin, Obama will be pushing early voting.

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