Norm Coleman’s group to spend another $500K to boost Cravaack

WASHINGTON – A conservative nonprofit group that’s already been flooding the airwaves in the 8th District on behalf of Republican Congressman Chip Cravaack announced Friday that it’s spending an additional $500,000 on the race.

The 8th District contest between Cravaack and his DFL opponent, former U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan, is considered one of the costliest and closest congressional races in the country.

The spending comes from the American Action Network, a Washington-based nonprofit founded by former Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman. As a nonprofit, IRS rules do not require the group to list its donors. The group’s latest infusion of cash means it is committing about $1.7 million to the race.

The group plans to spend $700,000 on television advertising in the Twin Cities, another $200,000 worth of TV ads in Duluth and $100,000 in online ads before Election Day.

  • Jamie

    What you SHOULD say is “the SO-CALLED nonprofit” because not having to reveal their donors isn’t the only benefit of being a nonprofit (where the IRS is concerned). They also don’t have to pay the taxes they should be paying. They are clearly a political organization, existing ONLY to influence elections to get their candidates elected, and they should have to follow all the rules that those kinds of organizations have to follow.

  • John Kysylyczyn

    Jamie, if I am not mistaken, only 501(c3) non-profit entities are tax exempt. There are many 501(c) types. (c4) is political related. They are non-profit, but not tax exempt.