New TV ads for, against voter ID

The campaigns on both sides of the fight over Minnesota’s proposed voter ID constitutional amendment unveiled new television ads today that will hit the air for the final stretch of the campaign.

Opponents of the requirement to show photo identification in order to vote have an ad that features DFL Gov. Mark Dayton and former Republican Gov. Arne Carlson, who contend that the amendment is too costly, too complicated and will result in many unintended consequences. They urge Minnesotans to vote no. The 30 second ad began airing today in the Twin Cities.

In a news release from the anti-amendment organization Our Vote Our Future, Campaign Manager Luchelle Stevens thanks both leaders for their willingness to speak out.

“Our multi-partisan campaign is focused on the very concerns that Governors Dayton and Carlson address in this ad,” Steven said. “Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike will face the costs and consequences of this poorly written amendment.”

Voter ID supporters also unveiled a new ad titled “One Vote.” It features several people, including World War II veteran Robert McWhite, who also appeared in two earlier ads. They contend that showing an ID is a reasonable way to protect everyone’s right to vote and make it hard to cheat.

A news release said the 30 second ad begins running Saturday on broadcast television stations statewide.

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