Low-budget, ‘local’ group poised to run anti-Cravaack ad in 8th

A group calling itself “Regular Folks of the Range” says it will air an ad at least 1,600 times on regional cable channels throughout northeastern Minnesota. Duluth-based construction worker and documentary producer Tom Selinski produced the anti-Cravaack spot.

“Part of what irritated me, got me to do this, was the amount of money being dumped in here and it’s not from around here,” said Selinski.

Selinski’s said his ad features Iron Range miners. Among other things, they criticize Cravaack for a being a friend of businesses not workers.


Selinski said he produced the ad at his own expense and that he’s close to raising the nearly $10,000 cost of airing it.

Outside groups have spent more than $ 6.3 million on the race in Minnesota’s 8th District with spending opposing Cravaack outpacing spending opposing Nolan by about $1 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics

  • Jamie

    Why didn’t you post the ad here so we can see it? You do that with all the big-money ads.

  • Mark Zdechlik

    Thanks for the comment Jamie. To clarify, there’s no conspiracy here. At the time this was posted, the people behind the ad were not making it available to the public. When they do, we will post it.