DFL ad for Nolan backs off Cravaack residency issue

After a Duluth TV station refused to air a Minnesota DFL ad critical of Republican Congressman Chip Cravaack because it included the claim Cravaack “doesn’t even live in Minnesota anymore,” the DFL has come up with a new version of the spot.

The reworked “Pretender” ad shares the tone of the previous spot, and is almost identical, apart from the claim Cravaack doesn’t live in Minnesota.

Cravaack’s wife and children moved to New Hampshire last year because of his wife’s job. Cravaack revealed in an interview with the Star Tribune that his son has autism, and that played into the decision to move the family. Cravaacck has a home in North Branch, prompting his campaign to object to Democrats’ claim he doesn’t live in Minnesota.

Although the DFL has backed down, the Nolan campaign is standing by its own ad in which Nolan looks into the camera and says Cravaack “doesn’t live here anymore.”

Cravaack and Nolan are engaged in one of the most competitive congressional races in the county, where millions of dollars in outside, special-interest spending is dwarfing direct spending by the two campaigns.

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