Bunn says GOP complaint is baseless

Democrat Julie Bunn says there’s no basis for a complaint filed Thursday against her by the Republican Party of Minnesota.

The GOP alleged in its complaint that Bunn was among five DFL state Senate candidates who improperly coordinated their campaigns with the state DFL Party. The evidence cited in the complaint was photos that appeared in DFL funded literature, photos that the Republicans said were unavailable publicly and therefore must have come from the candidates or the DFL Senate Caucus.

But Bunn issued a statement today saying that she didn’t coordinate with the DFL Party or the DFL Senate Caucus over the use of photographs. Bunn, who served in the Minnesota House from 2006-2010, said her campaign website includes photos dating back several years that anyone can access.

“Any visitor to the website and Photo Gallery page can then click on the link provided and go to a Photobucket containing over 200 photos that date from 2006 until mid-August of this year,” Bunn said in a statement. “There is nothing obscure about this location.”

Bunn is challenging Republican Karin Housley in an open seat that includes Forest Lake, Lake Elmo and Stillwater.

The DFL Party has not released a statement or commented on the Republican Party complaint. The Minnesota Campaign Finance Board keeps complaints private until they rule on them. There’s no word on if or when the board will rule.

  • R. Murray

    This is yet another example of the MN Republican Party irresponsibly wasting taxpayer money by filing frivolous complaints. Pat Shortridge couldn’t even be bothered to look at the candidates websites to see if the photos were actually there before he filed the complaints saying they were not. Now the taxpayers have to pay people to confirm the obvious. So much for fiscal responsibility.