Bills suggests recent unemployment numbers were cooked

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kurt Bills held a news conference to criticize DFL Sen, Amy Klobuchar for failing to adequately address the federal deficit. During the 30 minute news conference, Bills said Klobuchar should have shown more leadership on solving the budget crisis facing the nation.

Bills also joined a chorus of conservatives who are questioning the legitimacy of the recent job numbers. Bills said it was “suspicious” when asked whether he thought the Bureau of Labor Statistics adjusted the monthly unemployment report to help President Obama’s re-election effort.

“What statisticians do is what statisticians do, but I find it very curious that it dropped when it did and it’s a .3 percent drop,” Bills told reporters.

The report last week showed a sharp drop in unemployment to 7.8 percent.

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis called the notion that the numbers were cooked “ludicrous.”

Keith Hall, a former commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, also dismissed the allegations.

“People shouldn’t think at all there is any bias in the numbers,” Hall told McClatchy. “This data is collected and examined by each state. . . . Hundreds of people at BLS help collect this data and compile it. If you wanted to try to mess with these numbers, you are talking a very difficult thing. It almost certainly would . . . be next to impossible.”

You can listen to Bills’ entire news conference here:

  • Yeah, who would ever believe the Obama admin would do anything that would simply help themselves?

    I mean we are dealing with the most transparent Presidency in American history.

    And a candidate with a campaign willing to pull out all the stops.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Bills is as desperate as the whole Republican crew, witness the Breitbart et al talking points posted here. Reality is a problem for them, so they give us cooked-up stories from fraudsters like O’Keefe, a guy who just got his ankle bracelet off.

  • Bob

    Hard to win a race in a left leaning state with a play-it-safe liberal incumbent.

  • dug

    I like how Andy jumps right on the denier bandwagon with links to right-wing blogs that confirm his paranoid conspiracy theories.

    Dog whistle much, Andy? And where were you saying the numbers were cooked when employment was above 8%? You were quite ignorant of the conspiracy back then, hmmm?

    Try again…

  • Unemployment is a serious problem in Minnesota. Lets refrain from pointing fingers at numbers and point fingers to places folks can get jobs!

  • Chad

    There are two legitimate reasons as to why these unemployment numbers may be misleading.

    1. Unemployment is a measure of members of the workforce who are in search of a job. Due to the horrid economic conditions of the past several years, many people are becoming discouraged and are no longer searching for jobs. This takes them out of the unemployment equation and therefore decreases the unemployment rate.

    2. Because of Obamacare, many employers are splitting full time jobs into two part time jobs because they will not have to pay for high benefits like they would for a full time worker. This essentially inflates employment numbers as well because more jobs of lower quality are being created.

    No cheating is being done by the statsticians; however, the unemployment rate IS misleading. Things aren’t necessarily getting better; people are only getting pushed along by the invisible hand.