Bill Clinton makes fundraising appeal for Jim Graves

Jim Graves is getting some big name help with fundraising in the final week of his campaign.

The Graves campaign sent out an email fundraising appeal from former President Bill Clinton Wednesday morning.

Graves, a Democrat and hotel entrepreneur, is taking on 6th District Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann in what’s become one of the costlier U.S. House races this fall.

Clinton doesn’t mention Bachmann by name in the email but says, “our country deserves better leaders than these Tea Party Republicans in Congress.” Bachmann chairs the House Tea Party Caucus. He also says Republican super PACs are flooding the airwaves in the 6th District although their presence is actually minimal in that district compared to the nearby 8th District contest.

The fundraising pitch sets a goal of $112,000. Bachmann has a huge financial lead in the race with more than $3.2 million in the bank as of mid-October compared to the $471,000 available to Graves.

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