Ads claiming Cravaack doesn’t live in Minnesota come under fire

Republicans are complaining about two TV ads for Democrat Rick Nolan that claim Republican incumbent Congressman Chip Cravaack doesn’t live in Minnesota’s 8th District. One of the ads comes from the Nolan campaign and features Nolan making the

claim directly.

“My opponent’s response has been a smear campaign. That’s just not the Minnesota way. But maybe he doesn’t know that because he’s not from here and he doesn’t live here anymore,” says Nolan into the camera.

The other ad is from the Minnesota DFL Party. It features clips from northern Minnesota workers criticizing Cravaack, including one who says, “He doesn’t even in live in Minnesota anymore.”

Cravaack’s wife and children moved to New Hampshire last year because of a job opportunity, but Cravaack maintains a home in North Branch.

Duluth TV station WDIO pulled the DFL ad after the Cravaack campaign complained.

The DFL says it’s making “minor revisions” to its ad. The Nolan campaign did not immediately respond to questions about whether it will continue to air its “Cravaack doesn’t live here” ad.

Cravaack and Nolan are believed to be in one of the most hotly contested congressional races in the country. As of this morning, outside groups had spent more than $5.5 million dollars on the race, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.


The Nolan campaign is not indicating that it plans to pull its ad. The campaign’s Michael Misterek said the ad highlights clear differences between the candidates.

“Chip Cravaack may technically own a piece of property in North Branch, but that doesn’t mean he lives here or has any roots here — it doesn’t mean he’s a Minnesotan,” said Misterek.

  • Jamie

    Misterek is right. If your wife and kids live in another state, and you work in Washington DC, you’re not going to be spending very much time in Minnesota. This is one of the biggest problems with Cravaack being a US “Representative.” I’m glad his opponent and the DFL are finally making some noise about it. He cannot possibly represent the 8th district given his family situation, and it’s downright crooked of him to claim that he can and will.

    It’s also crooked of MPR to report that Cravaack owns a home in North Branch and then leave it at that, as though that sufficiently answers the criticisms.

  • Barb

    Kind of ironic that the former State Representative Oberstar hadn’t lived in Minnesota in years but no Democrat or Liberal ever complained about that!