Video: Bill Clinton steals the show?

Daily Circuit senior producer Chris Dall talks about the possibility of former Pres. Bill Clinton stealing the show and how economic times shape elections. Dall also shares his approach to covering elections.


Daily Circuit: Will Washington partisanship lead to more voter apathy?

Transcript of Bill Clinton’s speech to the Democratic National Convention

Bill Clinton does President Obama’s dirty work

“In a folksy yet brutally partisan address that captivated his fellow Democrats, Clinton branded the GOP as extremist and obstructionist and hateful. He cast the 1990s as good times worth repeating under a Democratic president. And he took the central question of Mitt Romney’s campaign — ‘Are you better off than you were four years ago’ — and turned it on its head,” The Atlantic.

Bill Clinton: wonk-in-chief

“Clinton’s speech fit neatly into the emergent Democratic strategy to be, in this election, the party of policy,” Washington Post.

Bill Clinton’s long, long speech about the meanie Republicans

“Bill Clinton, don’t get me wrong, was the best speaker Wednesday night. But that is largely because the rest of the evening was atrocious,” Washington Post’s Right Turn.

Obama: Will bad economy cost him re-election?

Will a weakening economy make Mitt Romney president? Will a strengthening economy keep Barack Obama in office? Interest rates, GDP, unemployment, taxes and fluctuations of the stock market have all played decisive roles in past elections — sometimes to pundits’ surprise,” ABC News.

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