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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where MPR looks to Iowa for some answers on same-sex marriage, activists are frustrated with the DFL Party over the voter ID amendment, and a new poll shows support Minnesotans support Obama over Romney.

Around Minnesota

MPR looks at same-sex marriage in Iowa.

Activists are criticizing the DFL Party for not doing more on the voter ID amendment.

A poll conducted by the Star Tribune found that a narrow majority of Minnesota’s support a constitutional amendment that would require voters to show their identification at the polls, but that support for the proposal has declined in the last year.

Meanwhile, the Tribune’s poll found that 49 percent of Minnesotans support a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as between a man and a woman, while 47 percent oppose it. That’s within the poll’s 3.5 percentage point margin of error.

Minnesotans favor President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney, the Star Tribune’s poll shows.

Close elections are driving the voter ID amendment battle, the Pioneer Press reports.

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura is speaking out against both constitutional amendments.

Absentee voting in Minnesota began on Friday.

In Washington

Congress recesses for the fall, but they’ve left a lot of work undone.

States are preparing for the new health care law to kick in whether they agree with it or not, the New York times reports.

The attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya was a major setback for the CIA.

The Race for Congress

PoliGraph says a Democratic ad targeting Rep. Chip Cravaack’s votes on education is a mix of truth and fiction.

Cravaack announced two endorsements from officials who previously backed DFLer Jeff Anderson.

Congressional incumbents are trying to run as outsiders this election.

Presidential Campaign

The challenge for both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is to woo undecided voters.

SNL takes a hard look at what independent voters want to know from the candidates.

Obama stumped in Wisconsin over the weekend, while Romney was fundraising in California.

Romney is more candid when talking to donors, the New York Times writes.

Romney paid $1.94 million – or about 14 percent of his income – in 2011.

Romney and Obama were both interviewed by “60 Minutes.” Romney criticized Obama for not meeting with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a UN gathering this week, and Obama criticized Romeny for not being more specific about his foreign policy plans, the New York Times reports.

It is unlikely Romney’s electoral victories will mirror George W. Bush’s in 2004, the Washington Post writes.

Conservatives want Paul Ryan to do more on the campaign trail.

Ralph Reed, an evangelical who runs the Faith and Freedom Coalition, is planning to help Romney by turning out conservative religious voters on Election Day. Watch the group to target turnout for the Minnesota marriage amendment, too.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson campaigned in Minnesota Friday.

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