The Daily Digest (Dayton’s DEED proposal, Middle East in focus, The Fed pushes stimulus)

St. Paul and Duluth are the big winners in the DEED bonding battle. Gov. Dayton released his list of projects from the $47 million plan.

Rochester, which is represented by Senate Majority Leader and Bonding Bill Chair Dave Senjem, was shut out of the deal.

The University of Minnesota promised to freeze tuition if the state comes through with more money.

The Pi Press says an investigation found that Fairview Medical Center’s collection practices violated federal law.

Count Them All Properly will close up shop.

Middle East

The Middle East has erupted. There are protests in countries throughout the region and the U.S. is struggling to contain the damage.

Libya arrested four people in the U.S. embassy attacks.

There are reports that the chaos in Libya was followed by an organized ambush.

The U.S. says there is no evidence that the attacks were premeditated.


U.S. stocks surged after the Federal Reserve promised to spend $40 billion a month to stimulate the economy.

Livestock producers are getting hit hard as a result of the drought.

Minnesota gas prices hit $4 a gallon.

European officials are looking to tax the Catholic Church.

Amendment to ban Same-Sex Marriage

The Campaign Finance Board stands by its “John Doe” decision.

Voter ID

Several religious leaders announced their opposition to the amendment.

Voter ID supporters want Ramsey County Elections Manager Joe Mansky to step down.


The House passed a six-month spending bill.

President Obama’s rep pledges additional Great Lakes restoration.

Race for Congress

GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack agreed to three debates with DFLer Rick Nolan. Nolan wants more.

Cravaack’s foes are running an ad ripping him.

Party Politics

The DFL announced that Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick will headline the party’s Founders Day Dinner.

Race for U.S. Senate

Two polls show DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar with a big lead over Republican Kurt BIlls.

Race for President

President Obama leads in three key swing states.

The Romney campaign is sharpening its attack on President Obama’s foreign policy.

As Romney’s advisers are ramping up their attacks, Romney is dialing it back.

Romney returned to criticizing Obama on the economy.

Vice President Joe Biden played to a younger crowd in Eau Claire, WI.

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