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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where Michelle Obama and R.T. Rybak spoke at the DNC, Romney makes $100M in August, and Dayton criticizes Ryan.

Around Minnesota

Results of the annual State Fair poll show voters are split on new fireworks laws and an Internet sales tax.

Minnesota is paying $1.9 million in subsidies to state legislative races.

The Race for Congress

Rep. Tim Walz and GOP First Congressional District candidate see Steele County as key to their elections, according to an Owatonna People’s Press reports.

Brian Barnes’ State Fair challenge caught the attention of Comedy Central. As you’ll recall, DFLer Barnes challenged GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen to fair-related competitions in lieu of a debate.

Listen for Republicans, including U.S. Senate candidate Kurt Bills, to talk about the national debt reaching $16 trillion. Bills was among those who sent out a press release on the issue yesterday.


Democrats unveiled a national platform that calls for higher taxes on the wealthy and support for same-sex marriage.

The New York Times explains how the Democratic and Republican party platforms differ.

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at the DNC. She made the case that President Obama is just like the rest of us.

So did Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak.

Hear his speech here.

Rybak has been making the rounds on cable TV, including this interview with Fox News.

Former President Bill Clinton is an important ally for Obama, particularly at this year’s convention.

Gov. Mark Dayton, who is at the DNC, criticized VP candidate Paul Ryan for getting his facts wrong.

The Pioneer Press interviews some of Minnesota’s DNC delegates.

Democrats say GOP nominee Mitt Romney just doesn’t get it.

UnitedHealth Group has a presence at the DNC.

The Washington Post wonders whether President Barack Obama will use the DNC to outline his second term agenda, something he’s not said much about so far.

The Presidential Campaign

Romney raised $100 million in August for the third consecutive month.

A super PAC backing Obama raised $10 million in August, according to Politico.

Some donors are withholding their donations until Obama takes a stand on climate change.

Rybak is quick to credit the president when he’s talking about federal money given to Minneapolis.

The Daily Caller names Tim Pawlenty as a potential candidate for Secretary of State in a Romney administration.

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