Some Minnesotans shut out from tonight’s Obama speech

DFL Party Chair Ken Martin says roughly 120 Minnesotans may be shut out of President Barack Obama’s speech because the venue was changed from the Bank of America football stadium to the Time Warner basketball arena.

DNC officials initially scheduled Obama to speak at the football stadium but moved the event indoors because they had fears of severe weather. The basketball arena has fewer seats so many of those who got tickets will be unable to see Obama speak.

“It’s a big cluster,” Martin said of the situation.

Martin said DNC officials are setting up watch parties across Charlotte to accommodate those who won’t see the speech in person.

“I just met some folks who came in who had community credentials,” Martin said. “They still came in to experience it. They understand that the venue changed but they wanted to be here anyway.”

Though the DFL issued 120 tickets to the event, Martin said the party doesn’t keep track of those who were planning to attend the convention so he isn’t sure how many Minnesotans will be in Charlotte.

“It would have been great to have a lot of people in the stadium,” Martin said. “I still think it’s going to be great tonight.”

The Obama campaign is also working to ease any concerns from those who won’t be able to see the speech live. President Obama will hold a call this afternoon with those who are missing out.

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