Rybak defends Obama’s record

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak told delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte tonight that President Obama is ready to continue working to improve the nation’s economy. Rybak’s speech criticized Republican policies that he says limited the president’s ability to implement his agenda. Despite that, Rybak said President Obama got the U.S. out of Iraq, assassinated Osama Bin Laden and helped move the nation out of a recession.

“President Obama has earned every gray hair on his head fighting for the middle class and every American. Now it’s time to stand up America and fight for this man as hard as he’s fought for you.”

Rybak has increased his profile in recent months on behalf of President Obama. He’s appeared on cable TV and held conference calls praising the president’s record while criticizing the record of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Here’s Rybak’s full speech:

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