Former Gov. Carlson: Bachmann ‘in decline’

In a blog entry published Friday Sept. 21, former Minnesota Gov. Arne Carlson concludes fellow Republican Michele Bachmann is an embarrassment and that her “recent assaults against the Muslims and again suggesting that President Obama is sympathetic to Islamic extremism reminds me of the desperation of Senator Joseph McCarthy in his declining months.”

In his post titled, Michele Bachmann…. A Lady in Decline, Carlson writes, “What has happened with Bachmann is common with the McCarthy types — they rise quickly as they step loudly and carelessly on the reputations of innocent people and they fall just as rapidly in accordance with the public’s insistence on truth and decency.”

Bachmann, who was first elected to Congress in 2006, is running for reelection to a fourth term. Her DFL opponent, hotelier Jim Graves, has publicized his campaign’s internal polling which claims shows Bachmann is vulnerable even though she won her last congressional election by more than 12 percentage points. Bachmann spent much of her latest two-year term running for the Republican presidential nomination which she stepped out of in early January after a dismal showing in the Iowa caucuses.

  • Fireant

    This one term Governor Carlson was a republican must be losing his marbles. What’s he thinking it’s ok for the democrats can say whatever comes off the top of there heads and that’s good yet one of his own party members lays out the hard facts then you claim she’s McCarthy type. Personally folks are tired of the old republicans in office that let the left crap all over them. As stated, one term Governor Carlson lost his seat as Governor because he was politics as usual, now wants Michele to be old school in a new school Era. What’s the matter Carlson, can’t handle with a woman that will do her job better than you, so you come out to the press and degrade her. Your a disgrace to the republican party if your still republican, your actions don’t show it. Go back to sleep.

  • Derek Wain

    MPR is, as usual, unintentionally hiliarious. MPR promotes a clueless propaganda piece from sore loser, one term Governor Carlson. He is not “in decline” but has long since declined. He has less than no influence in MN politics today.

    Meanwhile, Rep. Bachmann, well on her way to a 4th term in Congress, has a national following.

    MPR, so anxious promote to promote its anti-Bachmann thesis, lives in a political fantasy world.

  • Birch

    Wow! So some Republicans are assigned to read MPR! Is that just so they can post supportive emails on behalf of that xenophibic, self-congratulating misanthropic, appalling Bachmann woman? She is an embarrassment to our state. An honest conversation with her own husband is long overdue.

  • Ele

    Of course :- it has been proven again and again, sometimes it appears the evil may win but ultimately they lose.

    She is a queen of dictators – spreading lies, hatred , fear, filth around.

    She detests Government but aspires a government job , now why is that

    and she was ready to let the country’s reputation decline in her quest to become the president .. selfish and arrogant woman needs to know what working hard really is

  • Bob

    After Carlson left the office, he has been nothing but a negative Nellie. Never once speaks or writes positively of anyone.

    @Brich and Ele – As usual, slap on the heavy and baseless insults and offer no substance on those you disagree with.

  • Richard

    This is a non-article. If the former governor has a disagreement with Rep Bachmann, the writers of this MPR article know better then to slant it to his and only his opinion. Now, without quotes…legislation or testimony from Bachmann, the reader is regulated to think the Gov. statements are facts.

  • Jim Bendtsen

    Comments from Barb Carlson’s ex-husband about anyone else being in decline are ironic, as he’s been in decline since his first day in office as governor. Carlson’s attack on Bachmann is simply a pathetic cry for attention and is best considered as indicating the opposite of reality. Michelle Bachmann’s comments about obama’s attempts to weaken America and being sympathetic to Islamic extremism are correct and should not be ignored or minimized.

  • annie

    Woah there you agitated Bachmannites….Gov. Carlson was first elected in 1990 and re-elected in 1994, by a fairly big margin (somthing better than 60% – 40%), evidence of his appeal to a broad base of Minnesotans. He and other moderate Republicans (Ramstad, Durenburger, E.L. Anderson) didn’t leave the party, folks of your (and MB’s) ideology yanked the old Minnesota IR so far to the right you left them all right where they were, in the middle where the vast majority of us regular Minnesotans reside.

  • Rich

    Umm, Governor Carlson was elected to 2 terms as Governor of Minnesota and not 1 term. It’s so hard to take someone seriously when they don’t have their facts strait. Governor Carlson never lost a race for Governor and chose to step down after 2 terms. Once again, so hard to take someone seriously when they don’t have their facts strait. Furthermore, Bachmann has made statements of opinion over allged Muslim/Islamic extremists in the State Department; yet, these opinions have not been proved to be true. In fact, Republicans have come out against her statements. Then again if someone who is obviously so in love with Bachmann as these posters are, just goes to show what their state of mind is since Bachmann herself is several french fries short of a happy meal.

  • Carl

    So the RINO carlson is upset with Bachman, not

    surprising coming from him. His ex wife Barbara

    has more brains than arnie has any day of the week. At least she hasn’t taken 204 days off to

    play golf, hasn’t done the “view” rather than meet

    with our allies, hasn’t continued to be first campaigner in chief, hasn’t been like Harry Ried and

    not submitted a budget in over 3 years, hasn’t built

    a 1.6 million dollar hse in DC like Oberstar, etc.

    Pull your head out to the sunshine arnie!