Franken issues forceful defense of Obama

Franken at DNC.JPG

DFL Senator Al Franken defended President Obama’s record this morning at Minnesota’s DFL delegate breakfast at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

Franken touted Obama’s work to fix the economy, the federal health care law and the administration’s decision to use federal money to bail out General Motors and Chrysler. Franken said the auto bailout is one clear difference between Obama and Republican Mitt Romney.

“Don’t let them say ‘Oh, Romney, when he said let Detroit go bankrupt was really talking about a structured bankruptcy,” Franken said. “He could say that but he wasn’t talking about a structured bankruptcy with federal money. He was saying no federal money. Well there was no other money. It had to be the federal government. And we did it and saved those jobs.”

The president speaks tonight in what could be a critical moment for his reelection campaign. Franken told reporters this morning that he wants to see the president defend his record and lay out specifics for a second term.

“I think that if he goes through that history of what he has done and then also tells us what the road forward is, if he accomplishes that, I think he’ll come out of this convention in very good shape,” Franken said.

Franken says he expects the race for president to be close, but thinks Obama will win Minnesota in November.

You can listen to Franken’s speech to the DFL delegates here:

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