Video: Chris Dall pulls back the curtain on the DNC

Pull back the curtain on the 2012 Democratic National Convention with Daily Circuit senior producer Chris Dall. Today we talk about what’s behind Michele Obama’s Twitter surge, delegate diversity and division versus unity in the Democratic ranks. I also put your questions to Chris about the news value of the conventions.

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J_GPE_AnnVSMichelle.jpeg (Source Google Politics & Elections)

Anti-abortion Democrats argue for more party inclusion

“‘Being pro-life in the Democratic Party can be a lonely place,’ former Pennsylvania Representative Kathy Dahlkemper said on Tuesday,” Time.

Occupy demonstrators stage DNC sit-in

“A number of protests are being held outside the Democratic National Convention throughout the week. On Tuesday, dozens of Occupy protesters marched through Charlotte before staging a sit-in at an intersection near the convention center,” Democracy Now.

Fact checking the opening night of the Democratic convention

“There were some well-worn, Pinocchio-laden statements at the convention in Charlotte,” Washington Post.

More good reads from the DNC via MN Today

  • Thomas

    How can anyone construe that “x” number of tweets is good, bad, or indifferent? There is no way to qualify comments or tone, just real number. Just because a tweet mentions Romeny or the FLOTUS it does not amount to positive or negative discussion or interest…….

  • Michael Olson, MPR News

    Good point, Thomas. The Tweet count doesn’t mention tone. I think it is worth mentioning and paying attention to the Tweets-per-minute as a reflection of how much a certain group of people are talking about the speech. To take anything more than that away without deeper analysis would be premature.