Dayton rips into Ryan

Dayton at DNC.JPG (Gov. Mark Dayton speaks to DFL delegates in Charlotte, NC MPR Photo/Tom Scheck)

Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton is criticizing Republican Paul Ryan for getting his facts wrong and for misleading the nation’s voters during last week’s speech at the Republican National Convention. Ryan, who is the Republican Party’s vice presidential nominee, repeatedly criticized President Obama during his convention speech. The speech was panned by independent fact-checkers for several inaccuracies and omissions. Dayton spoke before a group of Democrats in Charlotte this morning and called Ryan the “two-hour marathon man” for saying he ran a two hour and 50 minute marathon at Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth in 1990 when he actually ran it in four hours.

“What bothered me is that not only did he totally misrepresent what he’s done in this marathon but when he finally acknowledged it, it was just disingenuous as it was the first time,” Dayton said. “He said ‘Well, I rounded up to three when I should have rounded up to four.’ Well even from Wisconsin you should know the difference between three and four.”

Democrats are in Charlotte this week for the Democratic National Convention. Their main order of business will be to nominate President Obama and Vice President Biden for a second term.

  • Ginny

    Rignt on, Governor Dayton!

  • rev

    Governor Dayton: Fighting for Truth, Justice and the American way…. unlike the Republicans.

  • Mom

    OMG….Hey Gov. Dayton……if the worst Ryan did was misspeak, mislead, misjudge (or whatever) about a marathon then there isn’t a whole lot that you have to say. You might want to start talking about the economy that’s in the tank and the 23mil + people who have NO hope of a job before the X-mas holiday season. How many people will be eating dry cereal or hot dogs (if they are lucky) for Thanksgiving. Set some legit talking points folks!

  • Christopher conner

    Here we go starting off lying …Ryan & Romney…you lost my vote…you both are despicable …go somewhere and study morals and values …if ya gonna lie or do something wrong make sure no one knows

  • This is the dumbest article I’ve read all week. Congrats on catching him on that egregious error…Definitely impacted my vote. Please let me know how the time in which he runs a marathon impacts his ability or inability as a candidate.

  • foo

    Foo not like

  • Grand dad

    Where was Governor Dayton when candidate Obama stated that he had visited all 57 states? To err is human, to forgive is divine.

  • Sotanax

    Beating on Representative Paul Ryan and the state of Wisconsin Governor Dayton? Not a good way to get your point across.

  • KevCoop


    (Indubitably, Mr. Dayton was one of the first to rush to the scene to exhort, “Clinton just lied about sex, what’s the big deal?”)

  • Reg

    Hey Chris, the dems are the party of liars. So are you better off?

  • Taximan72

    This is a story about Ryan. Two wrongs do not make a right. The man is a compulsive liar, that is why lying about everything and anything is wrong. Morally wrong from a so-called Catholic. This guy has no values, other than lying to cover his mediocrity. If you still want to vote for him, you are the loser. He will still collect his governmrnt check, the same institution he condemns. He is a hypocrite too!!!

  • lamorpa

    I’m loving the moronic comments where they make believe the article is only about Ryan’s lies about his marathon time, despite the article’s first sentence stating, “criticizing Republican Paul Ryan for getting his facts wrong and for misleading the nation’s voters during last week’s speech at the Republican National Convention.” Does it help if I repeat this first sentence that took up the first 2 and a half lines of the article? Do GOP voters have a big reading blind spot, in addition to their other blindspots?

  • james davisson

    Lie about your marathon time? That was just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Quitman

    Let’s just be clear, the marathon was not the only thing Ryan mislead voters on. Let’s start with #1 The GM Plant closing in Wisconsin. President Obama wasn’t even in office when that plant closed Dec 23rd, 2008. #2 the budget commission. Mr Ryan said President Obama looked at their findings and just merely said thank you and dismissed them. Ryan’s voting record shows he also voted against their findings. Forget to mention that Mr. Ryan? #3 Healthcare…you bring up money from Obamacare that came from medicare but you didn’t say your plan has the exact same funds. We all heard what you want to do but no one heard how you are going to do it. Seriously does anyone care that the deficit is that high? Did it stop your spending? I don’t think so. Truth is Black Friday has never been more higher. Mitt Romney is a good business man and I bet if he is not elected he will not help President with a plan to get this country back on track. Has Donald Trump with all his money and plans? NO! Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, meet with the president to offer help and are on record saying that don’t mind paying a higher tax to get this country back on track from the Bush Administration. Where are the wealthy Republicans?

  • Ralph Crammedin

    The most entertaining part of the “Ryan lies about most anything” mess is all the Republicans who rush to defend the Marathon Man. It’s pretty apparent which political party has no use for the truth.

    btw, KevCoop, Google can’t find any reference to your apparently fabricated “Dayton quote.” Why am I not surprised that a Republican partisan invents a lie to respond to an article about another Republican lying? It is, apparently, the way you guys roll.

  • JPS

    First, this was Ryan’s smallest lie not a misstatement

    Second, if you have ever run a marathon you never forget your time. an hour and 10mminutes isn’t rounding error it’s just another attempt to make the lie seem like less. Oh well it just fits the pattern of lies coming from the “moral” Right

  • Otis

    Paul Ryan sculpted his “facts” to conform to his speech. Pathetic.

  • Aaron King

    Ryan lied about his own medicare proposals, he lied about statements Obama made, he lied about a particular factory in Wisconsin, he lied about his record on spending. More importantly, he and Romney have been bought and paid for by the most radical bunch of anti-american psycho-barons ever created. The Koch brothers are no joke. These people want to rule the world and dont care a rat’s tail about our nation or the world.

  • factchecker#1

    Wow, after reading the comments I am just shocked that you folks dont look things up and take the things like this as fact. It took me an hour to look up the validity of the charges against Ryan.

    Ryan stated that the plant closing was about broken promises of the president, not a blame of why the pant closed.

    Ryan voted against the budget commission because the gop had another plan he liked better, he didnt need to mention it. It doesnt change the fact that the president still did nothing.

    Ryans plan included the cuts from medicare because its already written into law from obamacare. It HAD to be in his plan until obamacare is overturned which he wants. Then he can put that back into medicare.

    Also, these so called independent fact checkers are listed on wikipedia as being liberal controlled entities. Not sure if its true but something to look into right?

    Jeez people this information is readily available. Do some research and take your vote seriously.

  • pete

    Hmm. I was a runner before my knees said “no more!” I can tell you my exact finishing time for every race I’ve ever run. And Ryan can’t get within an hour of his actual time? It speaks to character. The man has problems – mostly with his own self-esteem.

  • terry

    Those poor Americans! They seem to think there is some special magic to prosperity!

    Their economy has slowed; they are about the only industrialized country that does not have universal health care; has two incomplete and unresolved wars; a political system that does not work and is rampant with lobbying and corruption; a major gun problem and stupid and discriminatory laws that try and prevent significant portions of the electorate from voting!

    Thank goodness I live elswhere, where we have problems to be sure, but good strong government and legislation keeps things under control. Good luck any way Uncle Sam.

  • Bob Garvey

    Past President George W. Bush has been described as a liar and a fool…….and the author later apologized for calling him a fool. Considered a war criminal by most countries of the world, this man has not been forced to account for his crimes in the US one of which is the death of up to 5000 Americans and 100000 citizens of Iraq. At the last Republican Convention there seemed to be an attempt to deny the existence of Bush and his gang. Consequently he has spawned a republican party that believes that the truth doesn’t matter and there will be no consequence of lying to the American people.

    Romney won’t reveal his tax returns, has his money hidden in the Cayman Islands, fleeced the US government in some of his business schemes, found creative ways to avoid the military draft, has five sons non of whom have served in the military. He has expressed a beligerent and hostile attitude towards Iran and Russian…………

    Does he have money invested in the American War machine.

    Americans need to know….the world needs to know……..the press has a job to do………and was missing in action during Bush’s time……….we must demand the facts about these crazies now!

  • dcdavid570

    Really guys all the reps ever say is how Obama is destroying the economy. isn’t this the same tactics used by the Republicans in 2008. History does repeat it self. Also you can’t convince me the we wouldn’t be in this position if Mccain was in office. it was greed that got us here. The economy is moving slow but at least its moving. nothing gets fixed over night and when you have a party that just says no and work together it will never work. POWER IS GOLD…

  • Nick Czudy

    As an independent Canadian following the US election, I have come to see that there is a GOP truth that seems to have no resemblance to the real truth or science. I guess that the party faithful will eat up what ever is told them, never mind the truth. There is a definite trend that Ryan and Romney will say what ever is expedient to their cause. That is very dangerous to vote into power! Will they constantly lie to the American public? They seem to follow the old adage that a politician lies, steals, cheats and steals kids lollypops. This style of politician is not what the USA needs at this time.