Cravaack announces endorsements from officials who had backed DFLer Anderson

Eighth District Republican Congressman Chip Cravaack’s re-election campaign says Cravaack has the endorsements of two elected officials who backed a Democrat in the primary.

Both Ely Mayor Roger Skraba and St. Louis County Commissioner Mike Forsman had endorsed Democrat Jeff Anderson in the primary race to nominate a Democrat to run against Cravaack. Rick Nolan won the primary and will face Cravaack in November.

A release from the Cravaack campaign quoted both Skraba and Forsman.

“Three of the biggest reasons I support Chip: his leadership on the BWCA land swap, his unwavering support for mining, and his strong opposition to any additional gun control. Chip will be good for our communities and good for jobs,” said Skraba.

“Like me, Chip is a union man and a veteran. I’ve been a lifelong Democrat, but I’ll be splitting my ticket in November and voting for Chip Cravaack for Congress,” said Forsman.

  • Rusty

    Well, at least Rick Nolan was able to flex his political muscle and get the aging party structure to deliver him the primary. Too bad the only candidate who could actually beat Cravaack in November is left sitting on the bench. If Cravaack becomes comfortable in this seat, we have only the vanity of Rick Nolan to blame.

  • Jamie

    How can anyone support a MN Congressional candidate (Cravaack) who essentially does not live in the state anymore?

  • Iron Ranger

    Anyone who knows or has worked with both Roger Skraba and Mike Foresman knows this endorsement means nothing. They are just as much a bunch of self-promoting lunatics just like Chip Cravaack himself.