Bills lags Klobuchar in new poll, but his campaign sees it as positive

WASHINGTON – Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Kurt Bills is touting a new poll commissioned by his campaign that shows progress closing the wide gap between him and incumbent DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar, although the survey continues to show Klobuchar with a strong lead.

According to the poll of 500 likely voters conducted by Republican pollster Wenzel Strategies on Sept. 6, Bills draws the support of 37.8 percent of voters while 51.6 percent of those surveyed planned to vote for Klobuchar.

An independent poll in June after Bills received the Republican Party’s endorsement had Bills drawing just 29 percent support compared to Klobuchar’s 55 percent.

In a statement issued by the Bills campaign, campaign manager Mike Osskopp said, “The more voters learn about Kurt Bills, the better he does. We intend to pull ahead by Nov. 6th.”

Bills faces daunting financial challenges. His most recent disclosure with the Federal Election Commission showed less than $6,000 in the bank compared to Klobuchar’s nearly $5.4 million war chest.

  • Concerned Citizen

    There is obvious concern regarding his overall staff and thier campaign tactics (or lack there of) but obviously his finance manager is lacking ensuring there are funds to campaign.

  • Chris

    I was wondering when they were going to copy Chip Cravaack’s tactic two years ago of commissioning their own poll shortly before the election to try and bait the media into writing stories about “OMG, is the incumbent vulnerable, is the incumbent vulnerable, is the incumbent vulnerable?” and then, lo and behold, the incumbent becomes vulnerable by virtue of the media constantly repeating the question. Let’s see if it works again.

  • Mark

    Last week I had put up a Kurt Bills sign in my yard. That night, the very first night, someone stole the sign. Either some kids or some Klobuchar supporter did this possessed by irrational Nixonian fears of losing swirling in his head. If Kobuchar is so far ahead, what do her supporters have to fear?

  • Joel G

    I like Kurt. He is a public school teacher and his wife is a child care provider putting them along with most of us Minnesotans in the middle class. When I hear him speak, I hear the expressions of my own concerns for this country. He doesn’t talk in terms of Republicans versus Democrats, with Kurt it is middle class versus the Washington elitists. Kurt’s name isn’t as big as his opponent’s, and neither is his bank account. (Not that I have anything against rich people).