Bachmann launches first television ad of campaign

A day after her Democratic opponent Jim Graves put two television spots on the air, Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann is striking back with an ad of her own.

The 30-second “No Room for Us” ad paints Graves as a big spender.

“Graves’ time in Congress would be an expensive stay for Minnesota taxpayers,” the ad states. “Big spending Jim supported the wasteful trillion dollar stimulus, and the $700 billion bailout.”

Graves “fancies himself a moderate,” but “there is simply no evidence to back up that claim,” said Bachmann spokesman Chase Kroll in a press release. “Jim Graves has already given his support to big-spending policies that are driving the federal budget deeper into debt.”

Bachmann is also running a radio ad that promotes some of her bipartisan accomplishments including the construction of the St. Croix bridge.

Yesterday, Graves launched two TV spots, one highlighting his biography and another that focuses on Bachmann’s response to the destruction of the Verso Paper Mill in Startell, Minn.

The ad accuses Bachmann of not being responsive to the mill workers. Bachmann did meet with Sartell city officials to discuss the mill site, but it was after the mill closed.

We’ll update this post when we get comment from the Graves campaign.

Here’s a statement from Jim Graves:

“Rep. Bachmann is using falsehoods to distract voters from her record of reckless spending in Congress and her failure to represent the people of her district. On Rep. Bachmann’s watch–during her three straight terms in office–our nation suffered unprecedented government growth and a deepening national debt, under both democratic and republican leadership. Unlike career politicians, such as Rep. Bachmann, Jim Graves is a businessman with real-life experience balancing budgets and creating private sector jobs. And that’s why the people of Minnesota’s 6th District are coming out in support of Jim Graves.”

  • Adele Roberson

    “In the springtime there was an article in the Houston Chronicle about this outfit which calls themselves True the Vote. You think this is a bunch of volunteers anxious to spread democracy. They “will assist voters” yeah, right! This is in place of one or two poll watchers that speed up traffic and make sure the booths are private, etc. Do not be fooled. True the Vote is a bunch of rabid Republicans, who plan to intimidate and rabblerouse just like they have done in elections for about six year now. . They are the ones who spread the lies about Black Panthers intimidating voters in the north. This lie was started by that pimp who destroyed ACORN .

    The two black youths that the pimp got on camera were poll watchers for the community because there are many old people coming in by bus a block away and the guys were bringing them to the polling place.. Both black and white. Two black youths- not a group.

    When it comes to elections there is no thing Republicans will do to win… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.When these “folks” came to Houston they came from all over the country in buses and they stopped first in Sugarland, Texas to get advice from no other than the crook TOM DELAY. Tom Delay is a convicted felon who is still out on appeal and advising Republicans in the art of being thieves and criminals and how to steal elections.”

  • LeeAnn

    Michelle doesn’t have a clue, only rhetoric

  • Kevin O.

    “We did it America, we got it done.” – Michele Bachmann in reference to a bridge which was build in Stillwater, MN

  • Paul Mittermeier

    Jim Graves’ comment that Michele Bachmann is a “career politician” and that he will somehow bring fresh, new insight to the table as a business owner is LAUGHABLE! Congresswoman Bachmann, who has served as a consistent advocate of fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free enterprise, a watchdog of our civil liberties and the Constitution, and an unabashed foe of progressivism and tyranny, is the ANTITHESIS of the entrenched establishment! She is the virtual face of the Tea Party in Washington, and as part of this movement, she is dedicated to pointing out the deception of not only the left, but also the RINO establishment; her tense relations with those members of the GOP who ought to be her allies can be observed in such cases as her exposition of Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood. Note that John McCain and John Boehner, the quintessences of the establishment, turned on her and allowed our national security to be put at risk because of their backroom deals and business as usual. Michele is an invaluable voice to the cause of liberty, and she is anything but entrenched. She is the face of the new-wave Tea Party movement, and she comes from grassroots beginnings as a typical family woman, a mom, and a lady of faith. Graves, on the other hand, is as disconnected from the people as it gets. He is just another fat cat, and his “business” experience is in terms of a million-dollar franchise from which he uses funds to sustain his own campaign and launch irrelevant “low blow” attacks like his mill ad, not in terms of small business. Ms. Bachmann, however, possesses this experience, as she and her husband own a small clinic. We can’t afford another pawn like Graves in this dire hour, nor can we afford any more progressive hot air. We need real people, straight talk, and real solutions, and these qualities are embodied by Michele Bachmann more than any other individual I can think of. Bachmann for Congress!

  • ann

    thnks thi spost