With no debates in sight, Barnes challenges Paulsen to State Fair contests

WASHINGTON – Brian Barnes really wants to share a stage with Republican Congressman Erik Paulsen. Barnes, who’s the DFL nominee to challenge Paulsen in the 3rd District, has been trying unsuccessfully to schedule a debate with the two-term incumbent.

Now, Barnes is offering Paulsen a less political, State Fair-themed option although Paulsen would have to act fast, since the Fair ends Monday.

“I challenge him to a contest of cow milking, butter carving or corndog eating – he can take his pick,” said Barnes in a statement. “If I had a voting record like his, I would be afraid to debate also.”

Barnes, a businessman, is considered by political handicappers to be a long-shot candidate to oust Paulsen. The Republican has more than a 30-to-1 cash advantage over Barnes.

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