Vikings assist legislative candidates this election year

Lawmakers who supported the new Vikings stadium are getting an assist from the team this election year.

Minnesota Momentum, a new political fund created earlier this month by the Vikings, will be used to spend on behalf of Minnesota legislators who helped get the stadium bill signed into law, said team spokesman Jeff Anderson.

“We have several tens of thousands of fans signed up for Minnesota Momentum,” said Anderson. “What we did during the primary election and what we’ll do during the general election is let those fans know who their elected official is and if they voted ‘yes’ on the stadium.”

Minnesota Momentum has existed since 2006 as a network of Vikings fans. But the political fund is necessary for the team to legally spend money in support of various legislative candidates.

Rep. Tim Sanders, R-Blaine, is among those the team is helping.

“After taking the difficult but necessary vote, Representative Sanders faces a challenge heading into the primary, August 14, and the general election on November 6,” reads an e-mail the Vikings sent out urging fans to vote for Sanders during last week’s primary. “Opponents are highlighting his stadium support as a reason to vote against him. Therefore, just as Representative Sanders stood with Vikings fans and stadium supporters last spring, we need to stand with him during this campaign.”

Anderson said to expect more such e-mails throughout election season.

  • Bob

    Weren’t much help to Connie Doepke …

  • Greg Copeland

    Minnesota Momentum…please, what a joke. These NJ Vikings owners have played these pro-stadium hacks for Suckers! They should change their name to the Minnesota Public Debt Coalition:It’s Never Enough!

    Zigy and his pal, Governor Stadiums aka Mark Dayton have already failed to save from defeat, now former Ramsey County Commissioner Tony Bennett, who proposed a half cent sales tax for 30 years on Ramsey County citizens, without a referendum vote, to build a Viking’s Temple in Arden Hills.

    Minnesota Momentum may kill their candidates with voters when they take campaign cash from Zigy; and that will improve Minnesota and the Legislaure.