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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where Brodkorb has narrowed his lawsuit, Klobuchar and Bills had a heated debated, the RNC ends and it’s on to the DNC.

At the State Fair

MPR’s Tom Crann with interview Gov. Mark Dayton today at the State Fair. Noon. Tune In.

Around Minnesota

Fired Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb has narrowed his lawsuit against the state.

A legislative panel rejected contracts for 27,000 of Minnesota’s public workers.

Minnesota job openings are up.

The Race for Congress

Sen. Amy Klobuchar and GOP Rep. Kurt Bills engaged in heated debate at the Minnesota State Fair.

A new poll has Rick Nolan leading Rep. Chip Cravaack by three percentage points. Take note: the survey was commissioned by a Democratic PAC dedicated to putting more liberals in the House and several unions.

The RNC…and on to the DNC

Mitt Romney addressed the RNC last night.

His message? Jobs, of course.

But the other theme at the RNC was women. Romney is trying to snatch the female vote from President Barack Obama, who, at this point, has it locked up.

Many agreed that the strongest speech was Marco Rubio’s. Some likened it to Obama’s 2004 DNC speech.

Award for the – uh – most creative speech goes to Clint Eastwood, who made a surprise appearance.

Speakers at the RNC had trouble with the facts.

VP Paul Ryan in particular is taking heat for some misstatements in his Wednesday night speech.

Romney didn’t always gets his facts right, either.

Minnesota’s delegation is going home divided.

The party and super PACs “all but merged into a unified conservative machine” at the RNC, the New York Times reports.

Republicans are considering less expensive, shorter conventions in the future, Politico reports.

Now it’s on to the DNC, where voters’ emotional ties to Obama’s campaign may be one of his biggest assets. Be sure to follow @TomScheck, who will be in Charlotte covering the convention.

Labor Day

There will be no Digest Monday because of the holiday.

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