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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where the state Supreme Court rules that voter ID must stay on the ballot, MN DFL congressional candidates are linking their GOP opponents to Akin, and the RNC is in full swing.

MPR at the State Fair

MPR will host a debate at the State Fair today at noon between DFL U.S. Representative Betty McCollum and her Republican opponent Tony Hernandez.

Here’s MPR’s State Fair debate schedule for the rest of the week:

Wednesday, Aug. 29, noon – 1 p.m: Minnesota 5th District Congressional debate featuring U.S. Representative Keith Ellison (DFL) and Chris Fields (R).

Thursday, Aug. 30, noon – 1 p.m: U.S. Senate Debate with Sen. Amy Klobuchar (DFL) and State Representative Kurt Bills (R).

Around Minnesota

The Minnesota Supreme Court reversed Sec. of State Mark Ritchie’s decision to change the ballot titles of the voter ID and marriage amendments. It also rejected an effort to remove the voter ID amendment from the ballot.

A state employees union is backing Rep. Greg Davids, R-Preston in his re-election bid.

Both sides of the marriage amendment debate are courting Latino voters.

Gov. Mark Dayton wants changes to the state’s Medicaid program that could save $151 million, according to the Pioneer Press.

High corn prices are forcing ethanol plant shutdowns.

A St. Paul school district critic wants to change the ballot title of the district’s levy referendum.

Duluth proposes a smaller budget, but no staff or service cuts.

Retiring state Sen. John Harrington has been named the Metro Transit Chief of Police.

The Race for Congress

Minnesota’s Democratic congressional contenders are linking their Republican opponents to Missouri Senate hopeful Todd Akin’s comments about rape and pregnancy.

On Message

Introducing MPR’s new election season feature On Message.

Here’s how it works: You send us the campaign mailers that land in your mailbox, the e-mails that land in your inbox, the robocalls that interrupt your family dinner and pictures of the signs and billboards that line your neighborhood streets. We fact-check them and tell you who’s paying for them.

All the details are here

The Republican National Convention

The RNC kicks-off in full today. Today’s theme is “We Built It.”

To get RNC updates with a Minnesota perspective, follow MPR’s Mark Zdechlik at @MarkZdechlik and the Daily Circuit @DailyCircuit on Twitter.

Going into the convention, two new polls show Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama in a dead heat in Florida and North Carolina, two swing states.

The New York Times writes that there are two disruptions at the RNC: Hurricane Isaac and Ron Paul.

No one’s talking about cancelling the RNC, but Politico reports Republicans are quietly worrying that celebrations at their convention will look bad if Hurricane Isaac turns out to be a disaster in the Gulf, where the storm is due to land on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

The Pioneer Press reports that a proposed change to the Republican’s nominating rules could have a big impact on Minnesota’s delegates.

Paul delegates are launching a floor fight over the new rules.

Romney’s business and government experience pull him in two directions on the economy, the New York Times reports.

Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan previewed his convention speech in Wisconsin.

As the conventions start, NPR looks at what we know about the state of the U.S. economy.

Missouri’s delegates are angry about Mitt Romney and the Republican party’s rejection of Akin’s remarks about rape, Politico reports.


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    Is the Senate debate being held at the MPR booth, or at Carousel Park?