The Daily Digest (Romney rakes it in during MN visit, Special Session today, Rybak gets DNC speaking gig)

Mitt Romney raised at least $825k at two fundraisers in Minnesota. He held no public events and took no questions from the press.

AP says Romney also said “Big business is doing just fine” and is being helped by tax havens during the fundraiser.

Romney’s aides also prevented a local reporter in Colorado from asking about Todd Akin and abortion during an interview.

Romney may be nominated on Monday night as a result of Hurricane Isaac and Ron Paul.

A document dump also shows details on Romney’s family trusts.

AP says Romney is using a secretive data mining project to find new wealthy donors.

The Washington Post says President Obama is depending on a strong ground game against Mitt Romney.

The Obama campaign expects Romney to get a bump from the RNC.

Romney is also defending his Massachusetts health care law as being superior than President Obama’s.

Romney also says he’d replace Ben Bernanke as Federal Reserve Chair.

Univision will hold separate candidate forums with Obama and Romney.


Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak will have a speaking slot at the DNC. Rybak’s office confirms the role but date, time and topic are still TBD.

Under the Dome

Lawmakers will return to the State Capitol today to pass flood relief legislation for northeastern Minnesota. MPR has a look at some of the damage that was caused by the flooding.

Gov. Dayton is asking for an additional $42.5 million to build the health insurance exchange.

Dayton will meet in Duluth with with Georgia-Pacific employees, leaders. The company announced it was closing the Duluth plant.

The Senate’s legal bills in the Michael Brodkorb scandal have hit six figures.


Minnesota’s businesses are watching and waiting to see whether the defense cuts go through.

Amendment that would ban Same-Sex Marriage

The marriage fight moves to the State Fair.

Race for Congress

A liberal PAC is targeting GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Race for Senate

Republican Kurt Bills, who was elected as a delegate because he supported Ron Paul, is now encouraging Republicans to rally around Romney.

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