The Daily Digest (Biden rips into Romney, Akin stays in, Gauthier remains silent)

Vice President Joe Biden worked to motivate DFL voters heading into the November election. Biden praised the Obama Administration’s record and ripped Mitt Romney at events in Minneapolis and Rochester.

You can listen to Biden’s speech in Minneapolis here.

The Rochester Post-Bulletin has this take on Biden’s speech in Rochester.

Biden also surprised the South High football team.

Biden will campaign in Tampa during next week’s Republican National Convention.

Biden also said Republicans opposed to the Dodd/Frank law are squealing pigs.

No word on whether Mitt Romney will hold any public events in Minnesota when he stops in Minnesota the to raise money on Thursday. The campaign has not made a commitment either way. Romney will hold an event in New Mexico on Thursday morning.

Mitt Romney, and several Republican Senators, called on Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin to quit the U.S. Senate race in that state.

Akin, who said a woman’s body is capable of preventing pregnancy in cases of “legitimate rape.” is staying in the race. He initially apologized for the comment but is now saying the liberal media is trying to take him down.

Akin then told Romney to “mind his own business.”

Sarah Palin says Akin should get out of the race or she’ll back a third party candidate.

Democrats and groups supporting legalized abortion are seizing on Akin’s comments. They point out that GOP platform does not allow for abortions even in the cases of rape and incest.

Paul Ryan criticized the sequestration process he voted for (and lobbied other GOP members to back).

Ryan is now saying he voted for the process not the cuts to defense.

Ryan campaigned in Pennsylvania. He suggested President Obama is out of touch.

Obama attacked Mitt Romney on student aid.

The spending by President Obama and the DNC has exceeded donations in the month of July.

Romney told a group of donors that he won’t lay out his energy plan because members of the media were present.

Ron Paul’s delegates are set to strike a deal with the RNC as the convention approaches.

Race for Legislature

DFL Rep. Kerry Gauthier is still silent on the rest stop sex scandal that has prompted officials in both parties to denounce him.

Gauthier’s mom says she imagines Gauthier will run despite calls that he drop out.

DFL House Minority Leader Paul Thissen says Democrats may consider removing Gauthier from the ballot. He also says the party needs to unite behind one DFL candidate.

MinnPost says the Minnesota Senate will not take a survey at this year’s State Fair.

Under the Dome

KSTP says Minnesota’s prison laws and sentences are growing longer.

Duluth’s schools borrowed again to pay for the state’s decision to defer payments to schools.

Amendment that would ban same-sex marriage

GOP Sen. Dan Hall is under fire for suggesting that those who oppose the amendment are not patriotic. He made the suggestion on Twitter.


President Obama says the U.S. could intervene militarily if Syria opts to use chemical or biological weapons in its civil war.

Race for Congress

DFL Rep. Tim Walz and Republican Allen Quist will face off at a Rochester debate on Sept. 27.


Some fans of Home brewing submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to get President Obama’s home brew recipe.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    So Paul Ryan was for the defense sequester before he was against it. He was for the stimulus before he was against it. And he was for eliminating rape victims’ rights before whatever his current position is – he’s still working that one out. With Mitt “Flipflop/Pants on Fire” Romney, this is a Republican ticket united in its willingness to say absolutely anything, and everything, to get elected.