The Daily Digest (Hearing on disaster aid, 8th District contest heats up, Biden campaigns in MN next week)

A legislative committee will hold a hearing today on disaster aid for northeastern Minnesota.

Gov. Dayton says GOP legislative leaders shouldn’t be shocked by his request for $190 million in aid.

Dayton is also asking the Small Business Administration to offer loans for flood victims.

Tuesday’s primary turnout was the second lowest in 62 years.

Gov. Dayton wants to strengthen the law on bullying.

The Duluth News Tribune is reporting that police are investigating DFL Rep. Kerry Gauthier in a rest stop incident. No charges have been filed in the matter.

The Pi Press reports that the daily expense pay for lawmakers is dropping.

Amendment that would ban Same-Sex Marriage

The first TV ad on the marriage amendment starts running in Minnesota. Freedom to Marry started running the ad. You can watch it here.

Voter ID

Pennsylvania won’t stop the state’s Voter ID law.


Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants applied to a program that could allow them to remain in the country and work legally.

Ex military and CIA officers criticized President Obama over the Bin Laden leaks.

A gunman attacked the Family Research Council.

Race for Congress

Democrat Rick Nolan and Republican Chip Cravaack spent Wednesday rallying the faithful in Minnesota’s 8th District.

AP says Nolan and Cravaack clashed over Medicare.

The Daily Circuit interviewed Nolan and Allen Quist, who won the GOP primary in Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District.

The Mankato Free Press says one reason Quist beat state Sen. Mike Parry in the primary is because Parry fared poorly in the areas he represents.

MPR says DFL Sen. Al Franken has created a potent fundraising machine in advance of his reelection bid in 2014.

Speaker Boehner rallies Republican troops in Medicare fight

Race for President

Vice President Joe Biden will campaign in Minnesota next week.

The rhetoric is heating up over Medicare.

Paul Ryan says the Romney/Ryan ticket “wants the debate” on Medicare.

Here’s a good explainer on what the fight over Medicare is all about.

AP says Romney’s plan to restore the cuts to Medicare would only make insolvency in the program come faster.

Mitt Romney is increasing the attack on President Obama and his perceived “nice guy” image.

A new poll says there has been no significant Romney ‘Bounce’ for Ryan rollout

AP says Paul Ryan’s other plan is to cut $800 million in Medicaid.

The PoliGraph says GOP claims about President Obama’s cuts to Medicare are misleading.

An Iowa deli co-owner caters for Obama visit, but his t-shirt tells another story.

AP says the Romney-Ryan ticket is light on foreign policy credentials.

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