The Daily Digest (Romney passes over Pawlenty for Ryan, FEMA denies appeal, Primary on Tuesday)

Mitt Romney shook up the presidential race on Saturday when he picked Rep. Paul Ryan, R-WI, to be his running mate.

The move means former Gov. Tim Pawlenty has been passed over again. For his part, Pawlenty says he’s not disappointed.

MPR says Pawlenty’s political future may be in a Romney Cabinet position (if he wins) or he may challenge DFL Sen. Al Franken in 2014.

The pick has energized both Republicans and Democrats.

AP says Ryan is seen as Romney’s bridge across the Republican spectrum.

60 Minutes interviewed both Romney and Ryan.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison and MNGOP Chair Pat Shortridge also reacted to Romney’s selection of Ryan.

Here’s other reaction from Minnesota politicos on Ryan.

The selection process was shrouded in secrecy.

Here’s quick analysis on how the pick will play in Minnesota.

Here’s how the Ryan pick has reshaped the race.

The Miami Herald says Ryan, and his stance on Medicare, could be a drag on the GOP ticket in Florida.

Romney and Ryan are defending their stance on Medicare.

Ryan is a virtual unknown in Florida.

Large crowds attended the first few rallies featuring the new tickets.

Ryan, and his work in Congress, brings along a long record to dissect.

The Washington Post says donations from a now convicted Wisconsin businessman will bring added scrutiny to Ryan.

Ryan and Pawlenty both say they gave several years of tax returns to Romney as a result of the vetting process.

AP says Democrats are growing more confident in Barack Obama’s two-pronged tax attack on Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney’s comments regarding Japan are raising eyebrows on both sides of the Pacific.

Unions are hitting the DNC where it hurts: the wallet.

President Obama’s campaign in Pennsylvania prevented an NPR contributor from interviewing Obama supporters outside of a rally in Philadelphia.

Primary Day

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is predicting low voter turnout on Tuesday.

Under the Dome

FEMA denied Gov. Dayton’s appeal for individual flood assistance.

Attorneys for the Minnesota Senate want former staffer Michael Brodkorb’s lawsuit transferred to federal court.

Some Minnesota hospitals were penalized for readmission rates.

The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that school districts have to report spending related to ballot initiatives.

Same-sex Marriage Debate

The platform committee of the national Democratic Party endorsed same-sex marriage for the first time and called for the repeal of a federal law that recognizes marriage as between a man and a woman.

Voter ID debate

A study says voter impersonation is a rarity on Election Day.

Polls find support for Voter ID but little awareness.


President Obama praised Huma Abedin, a State Department employee who was singled out by GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann. Bachmann alleged Abedin and other Muslims in the federal government had links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

An Idaho Republican Congressman says Bachmann’s allegations that an Islamic group infiltrated the federal government has “stained the GOP.”

Bachmann distributed a speech that escalated her charges.

Race for Legislature

The Iron Range is aiming to replace DFL Rep. Tom Rukavina. A DFL Primary battle could determine who represents the area next year.

The Star Tribune has a look of six legislative races to watch on Primary night.

Race for Congress

MPR says there are subtle policy differences that separate Allen Quist and Mike Parry in the GOP primary in Minnesota’s 1st District.

The PoliGraph says a claim in an ad attacking GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack needs a lot of context.

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