The Daily Digest (Dayton appeals FEMA decision, Analysis of Romney’s tax plan, Bachmann defends her scrutiny of Muslims)

Prosecutors will retest evidence in 350 cases that were called into question as a result of the St. Paul crime lab.

Gov. Dayton appealed FEMA’s denial of flood aid.

New Jersey’s bullying law could be a model for Minnesota.

The sale of synthetic drugs is now a felony.

Same-sex marriage debate

A Hennepin County court rules that a same-sex partner can inherit a partner’s assets.

A Minneapolis Catholic Church has opted to postpone, not cancel, a presentation by Secretary of State Mark Ritchie.

Americans across the country showed up for Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.


President Obama authorized secret U.S. support for the Syrian rebels.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says military action against Iran remains an option. He made the comments while visiting Israel.

The Federal Reserve says the economy is slowing but decided against taking new action to bolster the economy.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann wrote an op-ed defending herself for raising questions about Muslims in the federal government. She did not apologize for alleging Huma Abedin or Keith Ellison is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Several former U.S. Intelligence officials say Bachmann should be replaced on the House Intelligence Committee.

The Washington Post has documents that show that the White House budget analyst warned that saving Solyndra could cose more than letting it fail.

The House voted to extend the Bush-era tax cuts.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz and DFL Rep. Collin Peterson defied the Democrats and voted for the tax cut extension.

The Senate voted on sanctions for Iran.

The New York Times says Tea Party influence could shape Senate Republicans.

The BWCAW Land bill, sponsored by GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack, moves to the full House for a vote.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison and the Progressive Caucus proposed a “budget deal for all.”

Race for Legislature

GOP Rep. Connie Doepke is working to shore up those who have doubts about her “Right-to-work” credentials. She said Freedom Club founder Bob Cummins has been misled about where she stands on the issues.

Race for Congress

Republican Allen Quist held a town hall meeting in Worthington.

Race for President

The Tax Policy Center says 95 percent of Americans would see a tax hike under Mitt Romney’s tax plan. Romney’s campaign counters that the group isn’t factoring in the rate of growth caused by the tax cuts.

Both political camps are sparring over the tax study.

Romney’s opposition to a wind-energy tax credit is roiling Capitol Hill.

Norm Coleman has been named to Romney’s Jewish American Coalition.

A Democratic Super PAC reserved $30 million in ad time for the fall.

President Obama’s team sees promise in the 3rd Party presidential candidates.

Pawlenty for VP Watch

ABC’s Jonathan Karl says Tim Pawlenty is the front-runner in the Veepstakes.

Rob Portman is distancing himself from former George W. Bush in an interview with The Hill.

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