Primary turnout was 2nd lowest in 62 years

The Minnesota Secretary of State’s office is reporting that voter turnout in Tuesday’s primary was 9 percent. That’s the second lowest voter turnout for a primary since 1950. Only the 2004 primary had a lower percentage of eligible voters turnout for a primary with 7.73 percent that year.

There are several factors that could have played a part in the diminished turnout. There wasn’t a competitive statewide race on the ballot, and it was only the second year the primary was held in August – a time when many voters aren’t engaged in the political process.

There were efforts to move the 2014 primary to June but a bill failed to get the necessary votes to pass the Minnesota Senate. Last night’s turnout is prompting some supporters of a June primary to push for the legislation next year.

“The support is there to pass this,” said Rep. Kurt Daudt, R-Crown. “As people see how this particular primary went, we’re getting more and more supporters everyday for moving the primary up to June.”

Here’s the primary turnout history from the Minnesota Secretary of State:

primary photo.JPG

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