Video: 1st Congressional District GOP results analysis

Update: Quist wins.

Allen Quist “is going to have to work hard in presenting himself as an electable Republican. Because that’s not something has has a record of doing. He hasn’t won an election since the mid-80s and that is a long time” — Conservative blogger and GOP activist Michael Brodkorp on the challenge ahead for Allen Quist as he faces Incumbent Rep. Tim Walz in November.

Live at 9:00pm: A discussion of the results from the 1st Congressional District GOP contest.

MPR News editor Michael Olson hosts a video chat focusing on the early results from the 1st Congressional District GOP contest with GOP activist and conservative blogger Michael Brodkorb.

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Candidates: Mike Parry, Allen Quist

Live Election Results from MPR News

More on Brodkorb’s new blog and his employment dispute with the state after the jump.

Brodkorb recently launch and says his new endeavor will take a more positive track than the slash and burn approach he took with his blog Minnesota Democrats Exposed.

Brodkorb writes in his initial post of his new blog:

This post is the most substantive comments I have communicated publicly since December 16, 2011. As many know, I’m currently engaged in a legal dispute over my employment with the Minnesota Senate. I will not be able to comment on any aspects of my legal case on Please do not confuse my inability to comment as any lack of understanding on my part about the issues involving my case. At a time appropriate in the future, I will likely have an an opportunity to speak. Until such a time, I will continue to make little, if any, public statements. will provide analysis, breaking news and commentary about Minnesota politics from the perspective of a political insider. There is always a story behind the story – that story will be focus of