Liberal PAC targets Bachmann

An organization dedicated to defeating conservative U.S. House members is targeting 6th Congressional District Rep. Michele Bachmann.

CREDO super PAC, a fund created by San Francisco-based CREDO Mobile cell phone company, has added Bachmann to its “Take Down the Tea Party Ten” campaign.

The group doesn’t plan to spend its money on advertisements. Rather, it will rally volunteers to man phone banks and canvass door-to-door to talk to 6th District voters about Bachmann’s record, said CREDO spokeswoman Sarah Lane.

CREDO doesn’t plan to help Bachmann’s DFL opponent Jim Graves either.

“This is about holding Rep. Bachmann accountable for her extremist record in Congress,” Land said. “We are just focused on telling voters in the district about her record – about her record on seniors, and women, and the environment, and letting them know about her tea party record in Congress.”

By most accounts, Bachmann’s seat is safe. But Lane said that CREDO’s members have asked the group to campaign against Bachmann. Lane also pointed out that turnout in Bachmann’s district for last week’s primary was quite low, though turn-out was low throughout Minnesota.

Bachmann campaign spokesman Chase Kroll said, “It’s no surprise a group of radical San Francisco liberals are coming to the aid of another radical liberal Jim Graves.”

“I’m sure Jim Graves will continue to write himself big checks, but at the end of the day, Minnesotans support Michele Bachmann because they know she’s an independent voice, fighting for them to bring about a smaller government and a more affordable way of life,” Kroll wrote in an e-mail.

CREDO’s 6th district effort mirrors one already in place in the 8th Congressional District. There, CREDO is mobilizing voters to defeat Republican Rep. Chip Cravaack, who is also on the group’s “Take Down the Tea Party” list.

  • Cliff Saxon

    Michele Bachmann Should Resign From Congress And Do It Now!!