Head of MN RNC delegation says not too much concern about Isaac

Many Minnesotans are among the thousands of people in the Tampa Florida area for the Republican National Convention waiting to see what happens with Tropical Storm Isaac. Isaac is expected to become a hurricane. Its track has been shifting to the northwest, reducing the threat to the Tampa area. Still severe weather is forecast, including strong winds and heavy rain. The chair of Minnesota’s RNC delegation, Marianne Stebbins, said the people she’s talking with don’t seem too concerned about Isaac.

“From what I’ve seen of the weather forecast, yes we’re going to get some strong winds and a lot of rain so that means we’re just going to stay inside for a day,” said Stebbens. “What I’m understanding is that there might still be some bad weather, but we’re going to be ready to go back to it on Tuesday.”

RNC officials delayed convention business until sometime Tuesday afternoon. Texas Rep. Ron Paul, who was not invited to speak at the convention, is holding his own rally at the University of South Florida Sunday afternoon. The Paul rally, described as the culmination of Paul’s presidential campaign, is going on as scheduled.

  • Josie Daly

    If the Republican deligates at the convention continue to support Ron Paul and embarrass the Republicans in Minnesota-you can count on me to NEVER give another cent to the local Republicans only to the National. What are you thinking of–are you the same people who gave us Jessie Ventura??