MN delegate accuses Romney campaign of “power grab”

Marianne Stebbins, a supporter of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign who chairs the Minnesota delegation to the Republican National Convention, said new delegation selection rules “strip state parties’ authority to choose convention delegates.”

On Friday the Republican National Convention Rules Committee gave the Republican National Committee authority to bind state party delegates to presidential candidates based on statewide primary and caucuses straw-poll results. The move was a reaction to successful efforts of Texas Congressman and GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul to secure national delegates at district and state conventions.

“Gov. Romney’s campaign counsel Ben Ginsberg in today’s [Friday] Rules Committee meeting adopted an attitude toward Liberty Republicans that if you can’t beat them, then beat them with a stick,” said Stebbins, a member of the Rules Committee. “Mr. Ginsberg and the interests he represents made it clear today that Liberty Republicans and Tea Party Republicans are unwelcome guests at this party.”

Thirty-two of the 40 national delegates from Minnesota are going to the convention in Tampa as Ron Paul supporters.

  • 27Reasons

    SPOT ON!

  • Nunya Bizness

    It’s like establishment Republicans are forcing the TEA party and Ron Paulites to form a 3rd party … way to get out of the vote, Romney, like fiscal Conservatives didn’t already have a reason to stay home in November.

    One of these days the GOP is going to be made to understand that politics happens bottom up, not top down.

  • Joeliberty

    Why are we giving this party anymore credibility. I am leaving it and registering as no party. It is time for our movement to face reality, be mature, and stop acting like a bunch of victims.

  • Aaron

    It looks like the majority felt they needed to put in place rules and a process that actually seeks to send a delegation to a state or national convention that represents the will of the people they are sent to represent? It is representative government. It looks like delegations will represent the majority of the people rather than who is best able to flood county and state conventions.

    In Nevada and among the vote of the people, Ron Paul (18%) came in a distant third to Gingrich (21%) and Romney (51%); however, Nevada’s delegation is sending 22 of 28 delegates who are Ron Paul supporters. I know several of these delegates and I can say that many are openly hostile to the Republican Party and will be voting for Obama if they can’t vote for Ron Paul.

    By the way, for those Ron Paul supporters that are so upset with these rules, were these rules not passed by a MAJORITY vote? This is the same concept (the majority prevails) used by Ron Paul supporters to “win” states like Minnesota, Maine, and Nevada.

  • Madelena Poette