DFLer launches write-in campaign against Gauthier

A Duluth City Council member says he will launch a write-in campaign for the state House of Representatives against fellow DFLer Rep. Kerry Gauthier, according to the Duluth News Tribune.

“I want to give the citizens of 7B the representation they need,” said Jay Fosle, according to the paper.

Earlier this week it became public that Gauthier was stopped by the police with a 17-year old male at a Duluth highway rest stop last month. He was not arrested or charged with a crime, but police said he and the 17-year old admitted to having consensual sex.

Yesterday House Speaker Kurt Zellers called on Gauthier to resign. Gauthier, who is in his first term in the House, has not commented since the incident became public. He is reportedly hospitalized for an unknown condition.

As the News Tribune report points out there is no way for a legislative candidate to remove his name from the November ballot this close to the election, meaning a write-in effort is the only way another Democrat could challenge Gauthier.

Republican Travis Silvers is also seeking the District 7B seat.

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