Clark attacks Nolan in new ad

Days before the 8th District DFL primary election Former Congressman Rick Nolan is calling this new ad from his opponent Tarryl Clark, “gutter-dirty politics.”

Nolan is defending his work as founder and chairman of the Minnesota World Trade Center against Clark’s claims that he took “lavish trips overseas” rather than creating middle class jobs.

Nolan says former Gov. Rudy Perpich appointed him to establish the center, which he says he did on a volunteer basis for four years before accepting a paid position in 1986. Clark claims that as head of the center Nolan fought for a $200,000 bonus and one of the highest taxpayer salaries. Nolan says the ad is “dishonest”

“It’s disappointing you now to have someone who moves into the district, comes in with outside money and start denigrating the accomplishments of our governor, Rudy Perpich, and all those who served him, myself included,” Nolan said in an interview. “We’re very proud of what we were able to accomplish at the World Trade Center and make no apologies for it.”

We’ve asked for an interview with Clark. Her campaign says it’s trying to arrange it. We will update this post when we talk to her.

On Tuesday DFL Primary voters in the 8th District will decide which Democrat will take on Republican Rep. Chip Cravaack in November. In addition to Nolan and Clark, Jeff Anderson is also running in the primary. Anderson is out with a new ad as well that underscores his Iron Range up-bringing.

UPDATE: The Clark campaign maintains its ad is accurate and calls the spot a “Minnesota-nice” version of what Republicans will do to Nolan regarding his record at the Minnesota World Trade Center if he ends up winning next week’s primary and running against Cravaack in November.

  • Joel in Duluth

    As a resident of the 8th Cognressional District who very much wants to see Chip Cravaack replaced this fall, I am appalled and disgusted by Clark’s ad. If there really is something to this charge, why did she wait until 6 days before the election to unveil it, and why hasn’t she provided detailed documentation so that the merits of the charge can be evaluated by the press and by the voters. It doesn’t speak well for Clark’s integrity.

  • Lefty Driesell

    And now Nolan is responding with a radio ad ripping on Clark.

    This is the sort of stuff that turns people off of politics. Jeff Anderson has been running a clean campaign that is focused on getting our economy back on track. Clark and Nolan are examples of the failed politics of the past. Anderson is the future. And that I why I am voting for him on Tuesday.