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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where Michael Brodkorb has filed a lawsuit claiming wrongful termination, Paulsen comes out against Bachmann’s Muslim Brotherhood comments, and the presidential candidates resume their attacks.

Around Minnesota

Michael Brodkorb has filed a lawsuit against the state Senate, the state of Minnesota and the Senate’s top administrator.

Read the lawsuit here.

Republican House Speaker Kurt Zellers is backing Cindy Pugh over House GOP incumbent Steve Smith of Mound, in the August 14 primary.

The Dayton administration is seeking an independent review into how the state set payment rates for Medicaid HMOs during the Pawlenty administration.

RNC Chair Reince Priebus spoke to the Elephant Club at the Minneapolis Hilton.

In Washington

Republican Rep. Erik Paulsen disputes Rep. Michele Bachmann’s remarks about the Muslim Brotherhood.

But other Republicans still decline to weigh-in on her comments.

Facing the worst drought in decades, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said Congress must pass a farm bill that reinstates expired disaster programs.

President Barack Obama signed DFL Rep. Tim Walz’s Veterans Skills to Jobs bill.

Around the Nation

ProPublica has an FAQ on voter ID laws.

The Senate Campaign

U.S. Senate hopeful Rep. Kurt Bills is will be attending a fundraiser held by Ron and Rand Paul in the D.C. area today.

The Presidential Campaign

Norm Coleman is at the center of the fundraising and strategy for the 2012 elections, Roll Call writes.

The Washington Post Fact-Checker looks at a new Mitt Romney ad and finds that it took President Barack Obama’s comments about businesses relying on government out of context.

ABC reports that the star of the ad received millions in government loans and contracts.

Romney’s Salt Lake City Olympics archives are still off-limits.

In the wake of the Colorado shootings, Obama and Romney haven’t changed course on gun issues.

Obama criticized Romney over foreign affairs issues.

A new poll shows that undecided voters are becoming a smaller and smaller group.

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