The Daily Digest (Cravaack wins support of 49ers, Fundraising reports trickle in, Romney hammered on Bain tenure)

The International Union of Operating Engineers announced that it supports GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack’s reelection bid. The move will allow Cravaack to note on signs, in ads and in campaign lit that he’s “Labor Endorsed” in a union friendly district.

One of Cravaack’s DFL opponents, Tarryl Clark, announced that she raised more than $1 million for the campaign. She has $259k in the bank. Clark faces Rick Nolan and Jeff Anderson in the DFL Primary in August. Cravaack, Nolan and Anderson have not released their fundraising numbers yet.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann reports raising $1.7 million in the last quarter. Her campaign wouldn’t say how much she has in the bank.

Bachmann’s DFL opponent, Jim Graves, reported raising $400k in the last quarter. He has personally loaned his campaign $250k since he entered the race.

Under the Dome

Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson tries to push forward her case against Accretive.

The DNR released their final plans for the first wolf hunt.

A new report says Asian Carp could reach all five Great Lakes.


Jobless claims hit a 4-year low.

Republican leaders may delay a vote on a bill that would cut food stamps.

The proposed cuts would affect Minnesotans.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann says the health care vote is an “appetizer.”

Lawmakers are furious over a U.S. Olympic uniform that was made in China.

The House and Senate passed veterans legislation that is backed by DFL Rep. Tim Walz. President Obama intends to sign it.

DFL Sen. Al Franken’s campaign disclosure bill will get a vote next week.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison calls on GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann to list the sources of information that prompted her to call for a probe into whether the Muslim Brotherhood has influenced the federal government.

Middle East

Syria’s revolt reaches deeper into Damascus.

Race for President

Mitt Romney has some explaining to do about his tenure at Bain Capital. For months, he has said his tenure at Bain ended in 1999.

But the Boston Globe and others say documents now conflict with that statement. Why does it matter? Bain engaged in outsourcing after 1999 and would put Romney right in the middle of it.

Mother Jones is reporting that Romney used his Bermudan Company to invest in Chinese outsourcing.

Fortune Magazine says it has documents supporting Romney’s claims.

Politico is reporting that some Republicans are worried about the Bain barrage.

The House GOP Campaign chief says Romney’s finances are fair game.

Fact Check says there is “little new” in the Boston Globe story.

Romney released an ad earlier yesterday that said Obama was a “president that you can’t trust.”

CBS News interviewed President Obama. He said his biggest mistake over the first two years in office was focusing on policy as opposed to story telling.

VP Joe Biden told the NAACP that President Obama stands by his convictions.

Former VP Dick Cheney held a fundraiser for Romney on Thursday.

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