The Daily Digest (Ritchie in Title tiff with amendment backers, Gov pledges Sartell aid, Farm Bill released)

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie has waded into a fierce debate with Republicans over the titles of the two proposed constitutional amendments. Ritchie renamed the title on the Voter ID amendment on Monday.

He took the action just hours after supporters of an amendment to ban same-sex marriage announced a lawsuit against him.

The Department of Employment and Economic Development will release the list of groups that applied for DEED’s bonding money. DEED will determine $47.5 million in projects this year. The deadline to apply was Monday.

Gov. Dayton says aid for the Sartell Paper Mill could be coming in a special session. He’s urging the company to talk to state officials.

The Mayo Clinic is expanding through affiliations.

Minnesota is number one when it comes to medical care.

Gov. Dayton’s task force on bullying is split on its goals.


The New York Times says some Republicans aren’t embracing efforts to repeal the entire health care bill. The House is scheduled to vote on the issue this week.

The House Ag Chair and DFL Rep. Collin Peterson released a draft of the Farm Bill.

Five people are being sought in the shooting of a border agent.

President Obama signed a bill that includes medical device language supported by DFL Sen. Al Franken.

President Obama also signed a bill into law that would ban synthetic drugs. DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar supported that measure.

Race for Congress

Mike Parry blasts Allen Quist for his gas tax vote. The two Republicans are squaring off in the August primary.

Democrat Mike Obermueller raised $252k in the race against GOP Rep. John Kline.

Minnesota is part of American Action Network’s efforts to help state Republican parties with financial problems.

Race for President

President Obama said he wanted to continue the Bush era tax cuts for Americans earning less than $250,000 a year. He would increase taxes on those who make more than that.

President Obama’s record on outsourcing is drawing criticism from the left.

Mitt Romney is under pressure to release more of his tax records.

Here’s a write up on the fundraising race. Mitt Romney outraised President Obama in June.

The latest Washington Post/ABC News poll shows the race deadlocked.

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