GOP opponent claims Ellison is “militantly anti-America”

In a fundraising email Republican Chris Fields calls 5th District DFL Congressman Keith Ellison’s “militantly anti-America” because Ellison sought to cut funding for the Iraq war, among other reasons.

The email reads, in part:

“He attacked the Pledge of Allegiance, voted countless times to throw our troops serving in harm’s way to the wolves and teamed up with Barney Frank to destroy the banking industry. Not surprisingly, he’s the proud co-chairman of the radical Congressional Progressive Caucus.”

Ellison’s campaign responded with this statement from campaign manager Will Hailer:

“Chris Fields’ divisive, toxic rhetoric is completely out of line with Minnesota values. He continues making statements that seek to divide our communities rather than trying to bring people together.

The people of the Fifth Congressional District have elected Congressman Ellison three times because he has always stood up for America’s most basic principle: liberty and justice for all.

Despite Fields’ attacks, our campaign will continue focusing on creating prosperity for working families and advocating for policies that improve people’s lives.”

  • BJ

    Has Ellison’s campaign ever said someone he ran against wasn’t “Toxic” or something to that effect?

  • CM

    Yes! I think the above comment by BJ is dead on; we can all recognize the pattern of toxic Republican candidates from the 5th District and beyond.