Pawlenty and Christie to headline Wayzata fundraiser for Romney

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will hold a fundraiser in Minnesota today for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

The fundraiser will be at a Wayzata home. Donors are being asked to give $2,500. Those who give or raise $25,000 will be able to attend a private reception featuring Christie and Pawlenty. The money will be directed to Romney’s Victory Committee, a fundraising effort for Romney and the Republican National Committee.

The fundraiser comes as both Christie and Pawlenty are being mentioned as potential running mates for Romney. The buzz around Pawlenty has increased in the past week as he’s appeared on the campaign trail and on cable TV news discussing Romney’s candidacy.

Democrats say President Obama will still win Minnesota even if Romney picks Pawlenty. Republicans say a Romney/Pawlenty ticket would help energize Republican voters in the state.

As for Mitt Romney, his campaign won’t say when an announcement will come.

The New York Post, however, is reporting that Christie will be the keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay, FL.

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